Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Visby class test launches RB-15 missile

A RBS-15 anti-ship missile has been succesfully test fired by the first Visby class corvette of the Swedish navy, the HMS Visby, at Karlskrona in Sweden.

The 72m long Visby class has been designed for mine countermeasures and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and carries a suite of ASW equipment, 127mm rocket-powered grenade launchers, depth charges and torpedoes.

The lead ship of the class, Visby (K31) was officially delivered in June 2002, while the next two, the HMS Helsingborg (K32) and Harnosand (K33), were delivered in June 2006.

The fourth, the HMS Nykoping (K34) was delivered to the Swedish FMV in September 2006 and the fifth HMS Karlstad (K35) ship was launched in August 2006.

The Swedish Navy will receive all five modernised ships by 2014, while the last vessel will be used to support attack and anti-surface warfare operations.

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