Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chinese QBU-88 / KBU-97 Designated Marksman / Sniper Rifle

Developed by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), the 5.8 mm QBU-88 or Type 88 rifle is used in China with both the military and police. The rifle is intended to be used as a designated marksman rifle and less as a true sniper rifle.

The semi-automatic QBU-88 uses the standard 5.8 x 42 round like the QBZ-95 rifle or specialized 5.8 mm rounds developed in China. An export version of the rifle using the 5.56 x 45 round is available as the KBU-97.

The QBU-88 design includes adjustable sights mounted on folding posts. The receiver has a proprietary military rail of Chinese origin, which can be used to install telescope or night sight mounts easily.

The rifle's muzzle signature is reduced by a long flash-suppressor. A quick-detachable bipod can be attached to the barrel if needed.

Weight: 4.1 kg
Length: 920 mm
Barrel length: 620 mm
Cartridge: 5.8 x 42 (QBU-88) or 5.56 x 45 (KBU-97A)
Action: Gas operated, Rotating bolt
Effective range: 800 to 1000 m
Feed system: 10-round detachable box magazine
Sights: 3-9 x 40 or 6-24 x 44 telescopic sights




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