Sunday, February 3, 2013

Philippines to Buy 12 FA-50 fighter aircraft From South Korea

The Philippines is negotiating the purchase of 12 multi-role FA-50 light fighter aircraft from South Korea. A budget of 18.9 Philippine Pesos or around $465 million has been set aside for the acquisition.

The country has recently stepped up its arms purchases after an ongoing territorial dispute with the People's Republic of China, such as the recent purchase of 3 AW109 helicopters. The country currently has no fighter aircraft available after the retirement of the Northrop Grumman F-5 in 2005.

The FA-50 was developed by Korean Aerospace Industries and Lockheed Martin and is currently the most advanced fighter version of the T-50 family of aircraft, which consists of:
  • the T-50 Golden Eagle trainer version
  • the TA-50 light attack version
  • the FA-50 light multi-role fighter version
An even more advanced version has been proposed and is known as the F-50.

If the FA-50 acquisition goes through, the Philippines would join South Korea, which has already ordered 20 FA-50 aircraft to be delivered before the end of 2014.

Specifications T-50
Crew: 2
Length: 13.14 m
Height: 4.94 m
Wingspan: 9.45 m
Empty Weight: 6354 kg
Max Takeoff Weight: 13500 kg
Max Speed: Mach 1.5
Engine: General Electric F404 turbofan, 78.8 kn / 8045 kg in afterburner


  1. This is Great News for the Filipino People We'll finally see brand new LIFT/SAA Fighter jets flying the skies and defending Philippines against any foreign Fighter Jets intrusion to our Airspace Domain...

  2. The twelve FA-50 aircraft are enough for one squadron. This squadron should be modeled on the example of a U.S. Marine Corps Fighter Attack squadron with training for air to air, air to ground, and anti-shipping attack capability. This means an additional 12 million dollars has to be set aside to buy the accessories for the FA-50 including sidewinder, sparrow, and hell-fire missiles. Also, sufficient maintenance and training money needs to be set aside to provide twice a week air combat training flights.

  3. We have been waiting for this for quite sometime now.

    I hope that there will also be a Philippine Israel joint agreement to locally produce Iron Dome and Rafael Anti support missile.

  4. Ive been reading news about 12 FA-50 for our PAF but still no final decision AS TO ACQUISITION OF FA-50 JETS,IT SEEMS that they are procrastinating the earlier the better ,time is of the essence for the defense of our country

  5. It has been long delayed, When the US agreed to leave Subic Our greedy politician did not think that other countries will soon grab our exclusive economic zone area. What the Philippines should do now is to develope an industries in making ships who can depend our teritorial waters aside from the aquisition of this aircraft.

  6. Instead of buying those expensive armament, why we are not create ours!? this is the time to shine our scientist and inventors who are contributed already in science and technological advancement in past years!

  7. would have. . if only we got our act together 20 years ago. . The US helped ROK with TA-50, Taiwan with F-CK-1 Ching-kuo, Japan with Mitsubishi F-2. . That's 3 of 4 countries in their 1st island chain. . The Philippines? nil, because we kicked them out.

  8. what's the update on the purchased of the 12 FA 50?

  9. what's the update in the purchased of 12 FA50?

  10. The Philippines has done some administrative homework in terms of budgeting and so on, but beyond that not much. No contract has been signed, although both countries would like to get something worked out.

  11. should have bought F 16s, far better

  12. ...the reason why the contract cannot be signed? our very own Commission on Audit objects to paying more than 15% of the agreed purchase price as what the Koreans demand, as simple as that...

  13. already signed the contract. Congrats The Philippines. order another 12 FA-50.