Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Harbin AVIC Y-12F turboprop light transport aircraft

At Zhuhai Airshow 2012 the Y-12F, the latest version of the widely exported Harbin Y-12 light utility aircraft performed flight demonstrations for the public.

The Y-12F turboprop aircraft is designed by Harbin Aircraft Industry Group (HAIG), part of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), for regional use with a spacious cabin that can accommodate 19 passengers or 3 LD3 containers.

The Harbin Y-12F features APEX avionics from Honeywell in the United States, PT6A-65B turbopropeller supplied by Pratt & Whitney in Canada and HC-B5MA-3/M10876AN low-noise, five-bladed propellers supplied by Hartzell in the United States.

The versatile Y-12F can be used for:
  • transportation of passengers
  • airdrop of supplies
  • maritime surveillance
  • aerial telemetry and photography
  • remote sensing and geological prospecting

Harbin Y-12F specifications:

Aircraft length: 16.47 m
Aircraft height: 6.04 m
Wing span: 19.88 m
Wing aspect ratio: 10.02
Max. Speed: 480km/h
Cruise Speed: 430km/h
Service Ceiling: 7000m
Take-off Run Distance: 540m
Landing Run Distance: 420m

Max. Ramp Weight: 8450kg 
Max. Take-off Weight: 8400kg
Max. Landing Weight: 8000kg
Max. Zero Fuel Weight: 7750kg
Max. Payload: 3000kg
Max. Usable Fuel: 2500kg

Range (passenger version: 45min+200nm fuel reserve - Cargo version: 45min fuel reserve)
Passenger versionwith 19 passengers1540km
-with max fuel1930km
Cargo Versionwith 19 passengers950km
-with max fuel2300km






  1. This airplane will be donated to SATENA airlines in Colombia? Thanks

  2. I believe Colombia was discussing buying 3 Harbin Y-12 on credit from China a few months ago. Delivery would be in 2014.

    I don't know what happened since or if a contract has already been signed.

  3. I am pilot from Satena (commercial/civilian government airline), the contract is done, it was signed. We will receive (donated by China goverment) 3 airplanes this or next year. But I wanna know if these airplanes will be the "F" version(that you are talking on this page). Thank you.

  4. I don't know for sure, but you can ask the company to make sure.

    Send an email to: public@catic.cn

    Or go to: