Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Third Project 20380 Steregushchy Class Corvette to Begin Russian State Trials

The Boyky, the third Project 20380 Steregushchy class corvette, is to begin state trials in March. The ship was build at the Severnaya Verf shipyard and designed by the Almaz naval design bureau to have a reduced radar and infrared signature.

The Boyky with pennant number 532 will join its two predecessors, the Steregushchy and Soobrazitelnyy, in the Baltic Fleet. All diesel powered ships have:
  • a length of 104.5 m
  • a beam of 11.6 m
  • a displacement of 2100 tons
  • a maximum speed of 27 kn 
  • a hangar for Ka-27 helicopter
  • one 100 mm Arsenal A-190 gun
  • eight 3M24 / Kh-35 Uran (SS-N-25) anti-ship missiles 
  • two AK-630M 6-barrel 30 mm gun
The first ship was equipped with a Kashtan/Kortik Close-In Weapon System, which was replaced by a 12 cell Redut Vertical Launch System (VLS) with 40 km range 9M96 surface-to-air missiles in subsequent vessels.

Two modified vessels of the class have been exported to Algeria with the designation Project 20382 Tigr. The Project 20380 served as a basis for an even more advanced and larger Project 20385 Gremyashchy class corvette.

The Project 20385 ships, of which the first has already been laid down, will come with an 8 cell UKSK VLS, which can fire the 3M54 Klub/Kalibr (SS-N-27) or 3M55 Oniks (SS-N-26) missiles and a 16 cell Redut VLS.

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