Sunday, November 18, 2012

China & Congo Sign CongoSat-1 Satellite Contract at Zhuhai Airshow 2012

At Zhuhai Airshow 2012, the China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC), a China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC) subsidiary, signed a satellite contract with National Network of Satellite Telecommunications of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The contract will cover all aspects of in-orbit delivery of the satellite, including satellite manufacture, satellite launch, ground control station construction, financing, insurance and training.

The satellite is to be named CongoSat-1 and is based on the DFH-4 satellite platform. The DFH-4 is China's newest generation, Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS) with a design lifetime of 15 years.

Launch is scheduled in 2015 and will provide communications services over the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the central and southern parts of the African continent.

Similar contracts have been signed previously and are listed in the table below.

Launched NameCountryNotes
05/13/2007NigComSat-1Nigeria Solar panels malfunctioned after 18 months of service.
10/29/2008VeneSat-1Venezuela -
08/11/2011PakSat-1RPakistan -
12/19/2011NigComSat-1RNigeria Provided free of charge as replacement for NigComSat-1
12/20/2013Túpac Katari / TKSat-1 Bolivia -
-LaoSat-1Laos Launch scheduled in 2015
-BelarusSatBelarus Launch scheduled in 2015
-NicaSat-1Nicaragua Launch scheduled in 2015
-SupremeSat IIISri Lanka Launch scheduled in 2015

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