Wednesday, November 14, 2012

C-802A and CM-802AKG Subsonic Missiles

Developed from the C-802 Anti-ship missile, the upgraded C802A missile is a subsonic, low-altitide sea-skimmer, featuring way point planning, on-off-on radar operation and multiple target selection. It can be used against maritime and fixed ground targets.

The C-802 family of missiles is targeted at medium-range attack, supplemented by the C-602 family for long-range attack and the C-701 family for short-range attack.

The base C-802 missile has been developed further into variants capable of precision surface strike by replacing the original active radar seeker with a different seeker such as television. The CM-802AKG is a one such variant reported earlier.

C-802A specifications
Guidance: active radar seeker
Range: 180km
Warhead: 190kg
Weight: 600kg (air launched) / 802kg (ship / vehicle launched)

CM-802AKG specifications
Guidance: imaging infrared radar
Range: 230km
Warhead: 285kg
Weight: 670kg




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