Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FM-90 / HQ-7B SAM Air Defense System

The FM-90 was developed by China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp (CNPMIEC) for Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) . It is an improved version of the FM-80 Surface-to-Air (SAM) Air Defense System, which in turn was a copy of the French Thomson-CSF Crotale Air Defense System. The system has most recently been exported to Bangladesh.

FM-90 / HQ-7B specifications
Length: 3.00 m
Diameter: 0.16 m
Wingspan: 0.55 m
Weight: 84.5 kg
Maximum Altitude: 6000 m
Maximum Range: 15000 m
Speed: Mach 2.3
Guidance: Command + Electro-Optical Tracking
Maximum Radar Range: 25000 m



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