Friday, November 2, 2012

Russia orders 39 Il-476 transport aircraft

Russia has placed an order for 39 IL-476 / IL-76MD-90A heavy transport aircraft with United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The IL-476 features design improvements in the wings and new avionics with a glass cockpit.

The original D-30KP engine with a thrust of 26,450 pounds have been replaced by Aviadvigatel PS-90A-76 high-bypass engines with a thrust of 35,300 pounds. The aircraft can transport a 114,500 pound payload at a range of 2700 nm.

Fuel consumption has been improved by 10 to 15 percent and maximum takeoff weight has been increased to 463,000 pounds.

Ilya Federov, general director of engine-maker NPO Saturn, confirmed a contract with China has been signed delivery of 184 D-30KP turbofan engines worth $1.5 billion.

The contract was signed in November 2011 and will be completed in 2016. The engines are expected to be used in IL-76 aircraft bought earlier and for improved H-6K bomber aircraft.

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