Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chinese Type 98 / PF98 120 mm recoilless rocket launcher from NORINCO

The 120 mm PF98 / Type 98 rocket launcher was developed by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) as a replacement for the Type 78 and Type 65 recoilless rifles. The weapon can be used against tanks and other armoured vehicles, hardened bunkers and other fortifications.

The PF98 fires with very little recoil both High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) and High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT) rounds with tandem warheads, either shoulder-launched or from a tripod. The PF98 comes in 2 versions:
  • the battalion version comes with a fire-control consisting of an optical sight with a 500 m range night vision channel, a laser rangefinder, a fire-control computer and a LED display. The system calculates the target range and ballistics and displays the information on the LED to reduce reaction time and increase accuracy. 
  • the company version comes with an additional optical telescope sight with 4x magnification.
The PF98 launch tube is reusable and weighs less than 10 kg. The PF98 has been exported to Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

PF98 / Type 98 Specifications

Caliber: 120 mm
Launcher length: 1191 mm
Range: 800 m (HEAT) or 1,800 m (HEI)
Maximum Rate of fire: 6 rounds per minute
Projectile weight: 6.3kg (HEAT) or 7.5kg (HE)



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