Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Russia postpones building 2 Mistral class amphibious assault ships locally

Russia is postponing building 2 Mistral class amphibious assault ships under French license from 2013 to 2016. The ships were to be 80 percent Russian and 20 percent french.

The reason for the delay is to reassess the ships performance, role and status within the Russian navy. Modifications to the ship design according to Russian needs may also be necessary.

The other 2 Mistral class ships from France, all part of the $1.2 billion contract signed between Russia and France in 2011, will proceed as planned.

The first ship , the Vladivostok, is scheduled to be delivered in 2014 and is being built at a DCNS shipyard in Saint-Nazaire. The second ship, the Sevastopol, is scheduled for delivery one year later. Both are expected to join Russia's Pacific Fleet.

The Mistral-class ship can carry 16 helicopters, four landing vessels, 70 armored vehicles, and 450 personnel.

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