Friday, February 1, 2013

Chinese Sensor Fuzed Top Attack Smart Submunitions

The People's Republic of China has developed their own version of sensor fuzed, top-attack, smart submunitions, similar to the M898 SADARM (Sense And Destroy Armor) of the United States, which proved effective during campaigns in Iraq.

The submunitions can suppress a wide area and are used to target vehicles, especially tanks, by attacking them from above where their armor is usually the thinnest and most vulnerable.

Each fire-and-forget munition will work independently from each other and can be guided using various means, such as millimetric wave radar or imaging infrared .

The munitions work as follow:
  • two or more submunitions are ejected from the dispenser
  • each munition's descent is retarded with a parachute
  • the target area is scanned by spinning the munition
  • once a target is detected, a kinetic penetrator is fired at the target
In the event a suitable target is not found within a certain range of the submunition in the target area, it will by default detonate on the ground upon impact.

The munitions have been integrated on a variety of platforms, such as the 155 mm PLZ05 self-propelled howitzer and the 300 mm PHL03 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).



Credit original poster, via Chinese Internet

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