Monday, February 25, 2013

NORINCO M99 / M06 12.7 mm anti-materiel rifle

The M99 rifle used by the Chinese armed forces is an anti-materiel rifle developed by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). The domestic version uses 12.7 x 108 rounds. An export version that uses 12.7 x 99 also exists. A bull-pup variant of the rifle is referred to as the M06.

The rifle is fitted with an adjustable bipod, an adjustable rear monopod, and a buffered buttstock. Various types of optical and night vision capable telescopes can also be mounted on a rail.

Accuracy with standard rounds is advertized as:
  • R50 < 50 mm at 100 m
  • R50 < 120 mm at 300 m
  • R50 < 200 mm at 600 m
Dedicated sniper rounds for increased accuracy in addition to the standard rounds are available.

The anti-materiel rifle is mostly meant to be used against enemy equipment and against personnel in a secondary role, a role which is better suited for conventional sniper rifles with much less recoil.

The rifle can be used at long range with high accuracy against targets such as unprotected and lightly armored vehicles, aircraft, small boats or unexploded ordnance.

Type: anti-materiel rifle
Action: Gas operated, Rotating bolt
Length: 1480 mm
Weight: 12 kg (unloaded)
Cartridge: 12.7x108, 12.7x99 NATO
Muzzle velocity: 800 m/s
Feed system: 5-round detachable box magazine





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