Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project 11356M Admiral Grigorovich Frigates to be Fitted with Kalibr Missile System

The first three Project 11356M / Admiral Grigorovich class frigates that are currently being build for the Russian Navy will be equipped with the Kalibr / Klub-N missile system. The Kalibr is domestic version for Russia of the Klub missile complex which is intended for export customers.

The Klub or SS-N-27 is a multi-role missile system that can engage targets on land, at sea or under water. A second batch of three Project 11356M frigates will also be build at the Yantar shipyard in Kalingrad.

All six ships are based on the Project 11356 Talwar class, six of which were build by Russia for India. Both the Project 11356M and Talwar class are based on the hull design of the previous Krivak class.

The first batch of three Talwar class are fitted with Klub-N missile system, while the second batch of three carry the Brahmos missile. The Brahmos is a variant of the Yakhont missile, which in turn is the export version of the 3M-55 Oniks missile.

The Project 11356M ships may also replace the Shtil-1 system with the Redut air defense system, which is compatible with several vertical-launched surface-to-air missiles such as the 9M96 missile.

The Kashtan and AK-630M Close-in Weapon System of the first and second batch of the Talwar class respectively may be replaced with the Palma, a combined gun-missile system which can use the 57E6 missile found on the Pantsir-S1.

The Project 11356M ships were ordered before transitioning to the new Project 22350 / Admiral Sergei Gorshkov class frigate, which uses a completely new hull design and other more radical changes.


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