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ZSL92 / WZ551 / WMZ551 / VN2 / Type 92 family of wheeled vehicles

The ZSL92 / WZ551 / Type 92 is an improved version of the original Type 90 vehicle. The vehicles can be distinguished externally by the Type 92 having evenly spaced wheels, whereas that is not the case with the Type 90.

The WZ551 was developed by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) comprises an extensive family of vehicles with 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 wheeled variants.

The Type 92 chassis is used in different types, such as:
  • Armored personnel carrier (APC)
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
  • Self Propelled Gun / Howitzer
  • Assault Gun variant
  • Air Defense System variant
  • Recovery Vehicle
  • Ambulance variant
  • Command Post variant

The Typ 92 chassis is made of all-welded steel and fully amphibious with 2 water propellers at the rear. In the basic version, the driver and commander are seated left and right at the front of the vehicle.

Both have a forward windscreen, which can be covered during combat with vision then provided by periscopes. Both the driver and commander have rear-opening, circular roof hatches on top.

The troop compartment is at the rear of the vehicle with firing ports on each side of the vehicle. On top of the troop compartment are four oblong roof hatches with another exit at the rear of the vehicle.

This family of vehicles can also be fitted with a wide range of weapons such as:
  • 82 mm and 120 mm breech-loading mortars, including the PLL05
  • 100 and 105 mm assualt guns, including the PTL02
  • 122 mm howitzer
  • 30 mm, 25 mm, 12.7 mm guns, including the ZSL92
  • HJ-8 and HJ-9 anti-tank missiles, including the ZSL02
  • TY-90 surface-to-air missiles, including the Yitian SHORADS

The Type 92 continues to be used and developed in a wide range of roles. The latest versions include the WMZ551 and WMZ551B. An export version is marketed abroad as the VN2 and VN2A. Another export version of the Type 90 exist as WZ523 / ZSL93.

The vehicles are used by both military and police forces domestically and have been exported abroad to numerous countries. They have also served with United Nations peacekeeping forces in many different parts of the world.

Specifications (depending on variant)
Crew: 2 + 11 (APC) or 3 + 9 (IFV)
Length: 6.63 m
Width: 2.8 m
Height: 2.1 m
Max Weight: 16500 kg
Max road speed: 100 km/hr
Max range: 800 km





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