Sunday, November 25, 2012

China's First Type 056 Class Corvette Sets Out to Sea

The first of China's Type 056 class corvette has set out to sea for trials. So far, at least 8 hulls have been observed under construction at 4 different shipyards. They are Liaonan, Wuhan, Hudong and Huangpu.

The Type 056 class has a length of 90 m, beam of 10 m, draft of 4.4m, full displacement of about 1300t and a maximum speed of 28 kt. The first is expected to be commissioned early next year.

Armament includes a 76 mm H/PJ26 dual purpose main gun, two 30 mm cannons, an 8 cell missile-based HHQ-10 Close-In Weapon System (CIWS), 2 x 3 324 mm torpedo and 2 x 2 anti-ship missiles such as the C-802A.

The Type 056 class is being marketed for export. Bangladesh has expressed interest in ordering 2 hulls. They are to be modified to Bangladeshi specifications.


Credit original poster, via Chinese Internet

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