Friday, December 14, 2012

UK awards £1.2 billion contract for HMS Audacious, fourth Astute class submarine

The United Kingdom has awarded a £1.2 billion contract to BAE Systems for the fourth Astute class nuclear attack submarine, the Audacious. She is preceded by the Astute and Ambush, which are currently undergoing trials and Artful, which is currently under construction at Barrow shipyard.

In addition, another £1.5 billion has been committed to the next 3 Astute class submarines, which has allowed early build work to start on the next submarine to be named Anson.

The Astute has successfully conducted deep dive trials and launched Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles and Spearfish torpedoes.

All 7 Astute class submarine for the Royal Navy are 97 m in length, have a beam of 11.2 m and have a displacement of 7400 ton. The Astute class will not need refueling during her entire 25 service life.

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