Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Russia Hands Over Upgraded Kilo Class Submarine to India

Russia has handed over the INS Sindhurakshak (S63), a Project 877 EKM / Kilo class to the Indian Navy as parrt of a contract signed in June 2010 for the refit and upgrade of the diesel-electric submarine at the Zvezdochka shipyard.

The shipyard has previously refitted 4 Indian submarines:
  • INS Sindhuvir (S58)
  • INS Sinduratna (S59)
  • INS Sindhugosh (S55)
  • INS Sindhudvhaj (S56)
The work done on the INS Sindhurakshak, which had been delivered to the Indian Navy in December 1997, includes the following modifications:
  • integration of the Klub-S missile complex
  • upgrading the onboard sonar system
  • upgrading the communications suite
  • modifing the cooling system
The Klub-S is the submarine component of the Klub missile (SS-N-27) complex.

In all, India has a total of 10 Project 877 EKM submarines, 8 of which were delivered by Russia between 1985 and 1990 and another 2 in 1997 and 2000.

Besides India and Russia, the Kilo class is in service with the navies of China, Algeria, Iran and has been ordered by Vietnam. Other variants of the Kilo class include the more modern Project 636 and Project 636M class submarine.

Displacement:  2300 tons (surfaced)
Length: 70.0 m
Beam: 9.9 m
Draft: 6.5 m
Maxium Depth: 300 m
Propulsion: Diesel-electric
Maximum Speed: 12 knots (surfaced), 25 knots (submerged)
Maximum Range: 7500 miles (snorkel at 7 kn), 400 miles (submerged at 3 kn)
Endurance: 45 days
Complement: 52
Armament: six 533 mm torpedo tubes

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