Monday, January 28, 2013

Russia Starts Work on Fifth Project 21631 Buyan Class Corvette

The Serpukhov, the fifth of the Project 21631 Buyan class missile corvette has been laid down at the Zelenodolsk shipyard. It was preceded by:
  • the Grad Sviyazhsk in August 2010,
  • the Uglich in July 2011,
  • the Veliky Ustyug in August 2011,
  • the Zelyony Dol in August 2012.
The Project 21631 is a modified version of the original Project 21630 class, of which 3 were commissioned into the Russian Navy. They are:
  • the Astrakhan in September 2006,
  • the Volgodonsk in December 2011,
  • the Mahachkala in December 2012.
Unlike its predecessor, the Project 21631 is armed with 8 Kalibr (SS-N-27) missiles in 14UKSK Vertical Launch Cells and which replaces the A-215 Grad-M.
The 100 mm A-190 gun has been retained as is the Pozitiv-ME air/surface radar.

There are also an additional 4 3M-47 Gibka (Igla-1M) short-range anti-aircraft missiles and the original 2 AK-630 Close-In-Weapon System (CIWS) have been replaced by the improved AK-630-M2.

Class Project 21630 Project 21631
Displacement 550 tons 949 tons
Length 62 m 74.1 m
Beam 9.6 m 11 m
Height 6.57 m
Draft 2 m 2.6 m
Spped 29 knots 25 knots
Range 1500 miles
Endurance 10 days
Complement 29 to 26

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