Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweden to Buy 60 Saab JAS 39 E / NG Fighter Aircraft

Sweden has decided to buy up to 60 Saab JAS 39 E fighter aircraft according to a a statement from the Swedish Defense Ministry with the first aircraft due for delivery in 2018. The Swedish parliament had last year given approval for the purchase of between 40 and 60 aircraft.

The decision to acquire the new aircraft was made on the assumption of the aircraft being acquired by a second country in addition to Sweden. Should a second buyer not materialize, the Swedish government then reserves the right to cancel the order for the Gripen E should it want to.

The fighter may be purchased by Switzerland, which is also participating in the development of the Gripen E and paying for its development. A final decision on the proposed acquisition of 22 Gripen E/F for 3.12 billion Swiss Francs has yet to be made by Switzerland.

The Gripen E/F, also known as the Gripen NG, is a much improved version of the previous Gripen C/D fighter featuring:
  • More powerful engine, the F414G from General Electric
  • Greater payload and internal fuel capacity 
  • Two additional under-fuselage hard-points 
  • New strengthened landing gear 
  • New AESA radar from Selex Galileo
  • Passive Infrared search and tracking sensor 
  • New cockpit and avionics
  • New electronic warfare (EW) suite


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