Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chinese QLZ87 35 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher

The QLZ87 was the first Automatic Grenade Launcher to be developed in China and can be operated by a single soldier. It includes both an optical sight and an iron sight.

The QLZ87 fires 35 x 32 grenades and uses 6 or 15 round drum magazines. Ammunition can include:
  • DFS87 anti-personnel grenades,
  • DFJ87 armor-piercing grenades,
  • DFR87 incendiary grenades,
  • DFN87 anti-personnel incendiary grenades,
  • DFD87 smoke grenades
The QLZ87 can come in a standard light configuration or heavy configuration through an additional tripod with an elevation range of -10°-+70° and traverse range of 360°.

The QLZ87 is in service with the Chinese army and in other countries such as Bangladesh, Somalia etc.

Action: air cooled, gas operation
Length: 1040 mm (light configuration)
Length: 1300 mm (heavy configuration) Weight: 12 kg (light configuration with optical sight)
Weight: 20 kg (heavy configuration with optical sight)
Weight tripod: 8 kg
Weight optical sight: 0.9 kg
Field of view: 11°
Magnification: 3X
Muzzle velocity: 190 m/s
Maximum range: 1750 m
Range for iron sight: 600 m
Firing mode: single, burst
Rate of fire: 15 to 20 rounds per minute (single mode)
Rate of fire: 30 to 40 rounds per minute (burst mode)
Weight drum magazine ( 6 rounds): 1.3 kg (empty) / 2.8 kg (loaded)
Weight drum magazine (15 rounds): 2.3 kg (empty) / 6.0 kg (loaded)
Grenades: 35 x 32 (0.25 kg)
Blast radius: 11 m
Armor penetration: 35 mm at 60°, 80 mm at 0°





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