Friday, February 22, 2013

Project 955A / Borey-A SSBN submarines will only have 16 Bulava ballistic missiles

Previous media reports had put the number of ballistic missiles to be carried on the improved Project 955A / Borey-A class submarines at 20 or 4 more than the 16 carried on the original Borey class submarines.

According to a Russian Defense official, this number is incorrect. The number of Bulava missiles will remain at 16 on the Project 955A submarines as in the previous submarines.

The first of the upgraded Borey-A class, the Knyaz Vladimir, was laid down in July 2012. The second, the Alexander Suvorov, will be laid down during Navy Day celebrations in July this year and the third, the Mikhail Kutuzov, will be laid down in November this year.

The first Borey class submarine, the Yury Dolgoruky, officially entered service last month on January 10 with the 31st submarine division of Russia's Northern Fleet.

The Borey submarines are to replace all previous Project 941 and Project 667 class submarines. The Russian Navy expects to have 3 Borey class and 5 Borey-A class submarines by 2020.

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