Thursday, February 21, 2013

UAE signs 750 MRAP deal and other contracts worth $1.42 billion

The United Arab Emirates has signed 17 contracts worth 5.2 billion Dirham or roughly $1.42 billion, including:
  • a 1.4 billion Dirham or $381 million contract with the Oshkosh Corporation from the United States for the delivery of 750 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) All-Terrain Vehicles (M-ATVs) in 2013
  •  a 722 million Dirham or $196 million contract with General Atomics for export Predator XP unmanned aircraft
  • a 720 million Dirham or $196 million contract with Tawazun for the purchase of CIRIT laser guided missiles
  • a 472.7 million Dirham or $128.7 million contract with Russia’s KBP for the delivery of ammunition
  • a 375.4 million Dirham or $102.2 million contract with the Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company for the installation of Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM)
  • a 140 million Dirham or $38 million contract with the Italian Fincantieri to provide technical support for naval vessels it recently acquired

The M-ATV is lighter, smaller and more maneuverable than previous generation MRAP vehicles, while maintaining their levels of protection with its Plasan composite armored hull. The vehicle has a:
  • length of 6.27 m
  • width of 2.49 m
  • speed of 105 km/hr
  • range of 510 km
  • maximum weight of 14700 kg
The Oshkosh M-ATV has been selected by the armed forces of the United States as its primary MRAP vehicle.

The Predator XP is an export version of the medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) MQ-1 Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Predator has:
  • a length of 8.22 m
  • a wingspan of 14.8 m
  • a height of 2.1 m
  • an empty weight of 512 kg
  • a max takeoff weight of 1020 kg
  • a max speed of 217 km/hr
  • a max range of 1100 km
  • a max endurance of 24 hrs
The Predator XP cannot be armed, but is suitable for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The CIRIT is an air-to-surface missile developed by Turkey's RoketSan for helicopters and UAVs. The missile has:
  • a length of 1.9 m
  • a diameter of 70 mm
  • weighs 14 kg
  • a warhead of 3 kg
  • a maximum range of 8 km
The CIRIT is fitted with a semi-active laser-guided seeker.

Earlier this month, the UAE received the first of 3 A330 MRTT multi-role tanker and transport aircraft it ordered from Airbus. The UAE is also negotiating the potential purchase of the Typhoon or Rafale fighter aircraft, but no contract has been signed.

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