Saturday, January 19, 2013

First Airbus A400M aircraft rolled off production line for France

The first Airbus A400M has been rolled off the production line for France, where it is expected to enter service in the first quarter of 2013. The A400M is a new multi-purpose military turboprop transport aircraft, that can:
  • fly at higher speed and altitude than previous turboprops,
  • is highly maneuverable, even at low speed,
  • land on short and rough airfields,
  • the cargo hold is designed to carry outsize equipment.
Crew: 3 or 4 (2 pilots with 3rd optional, 1 loadmaster)
Payload: 37000 kg or 116 fully equipped troops / paratroops or up to 66 stretchers with 25 medical personnel
Length: 45.1 m
Wingspan: 42.4 m
Height: 14.7 m
Empty weight: 76500 kg
Max takeoff weight: 141000 kg
Fuel capacity: 50500 kg internal fuel
Max landing weight: 122000 kg
Powerplant: 4 Europrop TP400-D6 turboprop, 8250 kW each with 8-bladed, 5.3 m diameter propeller

Cruising speed: 780 km/h (Mach 0.68 to 0.72)
Initial cruise altitude at MTOW: 9000 m
Range: 3298 km at max payload (long range cruise speed, reserves as per MIL-C-5011A)
Range with 30 tonne payload: 4540 km
Range with 20 tonne payload: 6390 km
Ferry range: 8710 km
Service ceiling: 11300 m
Tactical takeoff distance: 980 m (aircraft weight of 100 ton, soft field, ISA, sea level)
Tactical landing distance: 770 m
Turning radius (ground): 28.6 m

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