Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Colombia orders another Airbus C295 transport aircraft

Colombia has ordered another Airbus C295 transport aircraft on top of the 5 it previously ordered. Four of these 6 are already in service with the first starting in 2008. The Colombian Air Force also operates 6 Airbus CN235-200 and 6 Airbus C212 aircraft.

The Colombian order brings the total number of C295 ordered to 115, of which 93 are in service in 15 countries. So far this year, 32 Airbus C295 and Airbus CN235 have been ordered.

The C295 is a versatile medium-sized tactical transport aircraft, which can be for a wide variety of civilian and military missions, including:
  • personnel, troop and bulky/palletized cargo transportation,
  • casualty evacuation,
  • communication and logistics duties,
  • certified air-dropping capabilities,
  • maritime patrol,
  • environmental surveillance

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